MC Decorados, a company with more than 30 years and growing.

We materialize your need to COMMUNICATE.

MC Decorados is formed by a multidisciplinary team that designs, plans, produces and sets up all kind of creations for exhibitions, fairs, retail, showcases, television, cinema, ephemeral events and everything you can imagine.

We are a company specialized in construction of ephemeral architecture for television, cinema, theater, exhibitions, shop windows, fairs, events and retail.

We have a great team able to realize any type of idea, creation, design, infographic, plan elaboration, technical planning and quality control regarding the needs of each project.

The scope of our service can encompass all project phases, whether ephemeral or not. We have a wide range of work already executed and working at full capacity.

To this day we are proud of the results obtained and happy to offer a service recognized by our clients, without them it would not be possible to value our work.

Our history

Our history begins as stage builders at the beginning of the 80’s, after going through a very difficult stage in the furniture sector that affected most of the Companies.

At the end of this general crisis, it was when we began a long career in the scenic work, an unprecedented career, forming a human team with the effort of each and every one of the people who joined our adventure, so that today we are cataloged as one of the best companies in the sector, capable of executing jobs in complex situations, both in difficulty and in time of execution obtaining very professional results.

After almost two decades in ephemeral constructions and with a broad curriculum behind us, we could start with the first set of scenes by MC Decorados “Claus de Vidre”, followed by “La Rambla de les Floristes”, broadcast by TV3, and a whole list of works which took place in the years 1984-1989 where we worked together with other companies outside of the woodworkarea because MC Decorados at that time offered only and exclusively woodwork.

At the beginning of the90’s and having gone through the stage of exclusively constructing the woodwork of the scenes, we decided to expand our facilities to a larger area, within the city of Mataró. Thus MC Decorados was founded on its final form, offering our clients 100% of the elements that compose any scenery.

In 1994, we expanded our facilities to 500m2, in the town of Cabrera de Mar, to meet the increasing market demand, expanding our client portfolio, creating a corporate image of the company and offering services in all areas of the interior decoration, both retail and housing.

In 2000, with the new millennium, MC Decorates committed to yet another unprecedented expansion. We moved to the town of Argentona, expanding the infrastructure to an area of 2000 m2, where we incorporate cutting-edge machinery while respecting the environment. But in the end, the main asset of MC Decorados is its people. The human team that works in the company has thoroughly demonstrated, throughout its 30 years of effective and efficient performance, to be the fundamental contribution for the consolidation ofour company. .

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